Welcome to the MeteoMauritius

Personal Weather Station of Silvio Chiara

Located at Petit Raffray, North District, Rivière du Rempart, Mauritius
Between Grand Bay & Goodlands
Lat: 20° 01’ 31,1’’ S > decimal: -20,025277
Lon: 57° 37’ 08,1’’ E > decimal: 57,618888
Station Elevation: 56 m


This is a list of the equipments used to power meteomauritius.altervista.org


This is the list of software used to manage the web site MeteoMauritius:

WeatherLink Weather-Display Weather-Display Live
WeatherLink Weather-Display Weather-Display Live

Note on the Site

This website is operational since October of 2011.
This website is provided as a community service and is non-profit and does not replace the Official Authorities, but it contributes to the implementation and observation for recording local weather data.
The owner is not a programmer. Without the continuing work of other persons this site would not have been possible.

Shared Weather Data
Current weather data is shared with:

One Last Thing ...: this site is not only the product of the owner, but that of others also who have shared their wealth of knowledge and effort. Thanks to Paolo Favalli, owner of Meteorological Observatory MeteoMincio (Italy) for his precious contribution for the creation of MeteoMauritius, (Silvio’s Convivium), and all the others who wrote and shared the scripts that make the weather web site go round the world.

About This Website

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